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VeriSonic the original aluminum drumsticks are made of recyclable aluminum. But they're NOT like playing popcans. These sticks are made of aircraft grade aluminum. They can out last wooden sticks 5 to 1. VeriSonics will not splinter or warp. And they'll never lose their center of gravity. "So play long. Play hard TOO! and save the trees."

VeriSonic products are made with the drummer in mind. We designed VeriSonics with your equipment in mind too. Our sticks won't damage your heads, cymbals, or rims.

You can now purchase your VeriSonic aluminum drumsticks and brushes online!!! No matter where you are, you can always get them. Keep a lookout for special online pricing and deals.

We've been proud to serve the percussionist for over 40 years. Our brushes and sticks are crafted with excellence.